agosto 15, 2008

I'm a particular type of idiot.

the little voice

There's a little voice in my head that tells me things. Not kill kill kill, but tiny things like "oh there's your cell phone pick it up so you don't forget it." I used to ignore this voice, but after my car was towed because I ignored its little voice telling me to move my car before I left I decided to start paying attention.

Its very silly really. The conversation that now takes place in my head. The little voice will say something and then I'll say "eh whatever I wont forget" but then a feeling of doom will fall over me and decide I better just do whatever the little voice says.

So far I haven't kill anyone or stolen anything, which is really how I gauge whether things are going well or not.

agosto 09, 2008

Choose your own adventure

Boys have always been my downfall. After Martin picked some brunette instead of me in kindergarten, lifting up her skirt instead of mine, a lifetime of bad decision making began. As well as a deeply held belief that all men truly want is a brunette to play peek a boo with.

julio 17, 2008

Things I learned by packing until 2 am

  1. Any man who wears concealer is not the man for me
  2. The man I loved never existed
  3. The girl who loved him is now long since gone